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Name:HP Darkarts
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HP Darkarts Generic

This community has been set up specifically for transformative works and meta created by the Harry Potter fandom, which either (a) have dark or unhappy themes or (b) have a connection with the Dark Arts. This is the place to rec those fics which tore your heart out, or to post fanworks which explore Dark Magic in the HP universe. We also accept fanworks which feature 'taboo' kinks and we run themed fests focusing on dark genres or taboo topics over the course of any given year.

The community runs the annual HP HORROR FEST and we are delighted to announce HP Horror Fest will return in 2015 for its third year. We also trialed a TABOO KINK COMMENT FEST in 2014 which, thanks to the efforts of community members, will return again in 2015. We run a Halloween challenge which focuses on a particular aspect of the Dark Arts (our former 2013 and 2014 Dark Challenges were based on the Imperius Curse and Potions, respectively). Keep an eye on the community for the schedule and for other things happening at the community.

The moderators for this community are writcraft and mab - if you have any queries or concerns, please contact one or both of the mods, email us at

This community STRICTLY OVER 18s.

This community supports no-holds-barred approach to creating transformative works. Accordingly there are no content restrictions at this community, save for the requirement that the works broadly adhere to the hp_darkarts general themes.


What kinds of works can be posted here?

Anything you wish to create, from icons to novel-length fic. Please also feel free to post recs and to pimp communities or fests which you think fit with the theme of this comm.

What do you mean by 'dark or unhappy themes' and a 'connection' to the Dark Arts?

Anything from horror, heavy angst, infidelity and character death to Azkaban-centric and works focused on the first or second war. Works which are not necessarily dark in their theme, but which explore the Dark Arts, Dark Magic and so on are also welcome. We also welcome fanworks which deal with 'taboo' themes or kinks, such as non-con and consent related issues.

We take a broad interpretation as to what constitutes dark fic, and also welcome angsty fanworks provided they explore at least in part either difficult/unhappy themes or Dark Arts. If in doubt, please contact the mods.

My fan work has a happy ending - is this allowed?

Sure. Provided the works have at their core themes or scenes which are challenging or focused on magic which would be considered to be 'Dark' then do feel free to post it here, happy ending notwithstanding.

Are you a ship specific community?

Not at all. Slash, het, femmeslash and gen are all very welcome and encouraged.

Can I cross-post works submitted for fests here when reveals go up?

Absolutely! Please be sure to include the title of your work, rating, LJ username and any warnings in your header.

Meta specific rules to note

Although this comm is HP Fandom specific, if you have an interesting article on dark fic, or other fandom related meta which you think fits with the themes of the comm, that is welcome. Likewise meta which includes both HP and other fandom references is also allowed, provided its focus fits with the comm themes.

Will you be running any fests?

Yes, indeed. We will be running the HP Horror Fest again in 2015 and we run a number of low stress fests throughout the year, as well as encouraging participation in our meta posts and character studies. We like to keep the community active and collaborative and we also run rec months, focusing on a specific genre which suits the community themes.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.



As noted above, members and watchers must be over the age of 18. All transformative works posted in the community will be based entirely on fictional circumstances. The community in no way condones and is adamantly against any illegal activities or abuse towards anyone.

The fan fiction and fan art posted in this fest are all based on characters and locations created and owned by J. K. Rowling, Scholastic Books, Bloomsbury Publishing, Warner Brothers or any other company that own copyright to the Harry Potter series. No money is being made. No copyright infringement is intended.

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